Thank You, Teacher: 5 Ways to Express Gratitude for Teachers From Educator Genein Letford by Alex Bryant

Thank You, Teacher: 5 Ways to Express Gratitude for Teachers From Educator Genein Letford

Genein Letford is a national speaker, life and finance coach, and award-winning educator. Here are her five ways to show gratitude to your child's teacher:

  • Support Their Projects: Support a teacher with things they actually need! If your child's teacher has a project on DonorsChoose, give to that project. If not, find a project from your hometown or a project in a subject area in which you work in.
  • Coffee or Tea: Teaching is a work of heart, but it's also hard work! A little caffeine pick me up will always be appreciated so a gift card to a coffee establishment will never go to waste.
  • Smell Good Bundle: Compiling her favorite scents from a lotion store will put a smile on her face. Get some hints to find out their favorite scents!
  • Practical Creations: Teachers can only eat so much candy, sweets or put flowers into a vase. Why not think about what teachers use on a day-to-day basis and create a "supplies" cake creation. Since many teachers spend their own money on supplies, this will certainly take some pressure off their wallets.
  • Creative and Unique Poetry or Letters: Teachers hear the ubiquitous, "Thank you for being my teacher!" which is nice. but when you take the time to specifically express the teacher's personal impact is gold.

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Elisa Schmitz
Teachers are the real MVPs! Thank you for sharing these great ideas, Alex Bryant . Genein sounds awesome!
Alex Bryant
Totally agree. I am sure we all have teachers like Genein who aim to take our students to the next level.
These are great ideas for anyone who knows a teacher! Thank you Alex for sharing!
Ann Marie Patitucci
Love this, Alex Bryant ! Our teachers deserve our support!
Michael Kennedy
My wife is on the committee that handles this at school. Forwarding these great ideas ASAP! Great ideas!
Alex Bryant
That's amazing! Let me know which ideas she implements at her institution.

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