Twin Telepathy Is Real: I Know Because I Have It With My Twin! by Heather Holter

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4 years ago
Twin Telepathy Is Real: I Know Because I Have It With My Twin!

Twin telepathy, or ESP (extrasensory perception), is a phenomenon many people believe is real, and others are skeptical of. But my experience is that it is real! My twin sister is the sender and I am the receiver – so my feelings and actions often mimic her own, and I feel her pain. She does not feel my feelings, think or hear my thoughts or feel my pain, however.

I started to notice this connection with my twin as a teenager. She was babysitting and a child jumped on her belly and I had belly pain at home all night! I found out later why. As adults, on phone calls I would hear what she was thinking, fully believing she had spoken, then she would tell me, “I didn't say that, I only thought it."

When she visits we often dress alike not realizing what the other was wearing, finding out when we both come out dressed alike. When she was in labor I could not sleep I was in so much pain. I choose books to read that she just read, across the country, and never mentioned to me.

Most recently we both submitted the exact same tip for 30Seconds about coffee on the same day – unknowingly! It was pretty funny! I cherish this special connection I have with my twin sister!

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Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
Wow, that is amazing! Thank you for sharing these fun examples of your twin connection. As the mother of identical twins, I find this fascinating. I do believe my daughters have a special connection to each other that is stronger than any other bond, no matter what. But, not sure if they have this level of ESP. I will ask them. Thanks for sharing, Heather Holter !

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