My Youngest Child's Science Project Gets Fruity Hoops (Sorry, Not Sorry) by Dawn Taylor

My Youngest Child's Science Project Gets Fruity Hoops (Sorry, Not Sorry)

I remember it like it was yesterday. My oldest son had his first big school project that required my help. He had to recreate a historical battle and I, I mean he, worked late into the night, armed with glue gun, tiny army men and plastic horses. 

I, and many other parents are guilty of going way too far helping with school projects to ensure a child's success. I never interfered with academic achievements, that would be wrong, but there was something about a creative one that I just had to get involved in. Oh, the pride of seeing my son carry that awesome project into the school. 

I drove him to school that day, a large trash bag over the genius work of art to protect it from the rain. I watched as he entered the school. I sat in my car staring ahead, wishing I could go in with him. In my head I recited my thank-you speech, smiling graciously. A car horn snapped me back into reality.

Then came my second child and third and fourth and each year the involvement decreased. Nothing would ever compare with that first school project as a parent. Why bother trying.

My youngest is doing her science project on her own tonight. With Fruity Hoops. No name brands. How times have changed.

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Elisa Schmitz
Hahaha! I can relate. My dad helped me with a bridge project for high school geometry. I helped my kids some, but decided that they needed to do the work themselves. It may not be the sure A, but at least they’re learning!

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