Mother’s Day Is Every Day (at Its Best & Worst): Here's Why! by Dawn Taylor

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5 years ago

Mother’s Day Is Every Day (at Its Best & Worst): Here's Why!

Mother’s Day. Homemade cards. Breakfast in bed. Flowers. These are the things we associate with a Sunday in May. I, on the other hand, like to think that every day is Mother’s Day. Memories are made each day with my kids. From the terrible twos (and threes, which I’m telling you are worse) to the roaring 20s, I’m blessed beyond words to be a mom.

The rewards are constant. Even on the days I want to pull out my hair I wouldn’t change a thing. That's what wine is for. Lessons learned and growth as a parent and person eclipse the momentary joy a flower or card bring. I’m not saying I don’t appreciate those gestures, they are sweet and heartfelt. What I appreciate more are the moments when I see my children learning and growing. 

The impact parenting has is on display daily (even when it’s bad because, let’s be honest, life is messy) because the bad moments become opportunities to show my kids I am more than just "Mom." I’m real. I’m damaged. I’m wonderful. 

I have four wonderful kids: Chase, 28, Bailey, 20, Riley, 13, and Peyton, 12.  Sunday, when they try hard to make my day special, I’ll remind them that every day is special because I’m their mom. 

Happy Mother’s Day.

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Elisa Schmitz
Such a wonderful perspective, thank you for sharing! Happy Mother’s Day! 💕
Dawn Taylor
Happy Holidays...delayed response, been a busy mom Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds
Tiffany Zook
Hi Dawn, beautifully stated!

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