Is It Time to Replenish, Mom? Here's How to Restore Your Soul & Skin! by Kay Casperson

5 years ago

Is It Time to Replenish, Mom? Here's How to Restore Your Soul & Skin!

We all need to take time to replenish – replenish ourselves emotionally, spiritually, physically, environmentally and socially. Here are some of my suggestions to replenish your soul:

  • Take a nice long walk on a path that you have not discovered yet and take in the environment that surrounds you.
  • Purchase a new inspirational book either from the bookstore or online and start reading it with the goal to finish it within just a few days.
  • Get a relaxing massage, facial or body scrub with some reflexology.
  • Take a nice bath with some lavender essential oil and fill your diffuser with lavender to enhance your relaxation and dream about beautiful things.

There are many ways to replenish your soul and it needs to be done regularly to stay strong, focused and healthy enough to manage the day to day tasks and keep up with your fast, busy lifestyle. Remember, taking the time to care for yourself is essential to being the most and best you can for others, and is also essential in having your balanced and beautifulife!

For your skin, I recommend Replenish, a day and night moisture therapy. Replenish is a word that means to refill, recharge or restore. Just as our lives need daily replenishing so does our skin. But, as with all of the Beautifulife by Kay Casperson products there is a daily affirmation on the bottle that reminds you to take care of your life at the same time. The Replenish affirmation says; “I will take time to care for myself.”

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Elisa Schmitz
You just named everything I love to indulge in! YES, please!! :-)
Ann Marie Patitucci
All of these tips sound fabulous, Kay Casperson ! Thanks for sharing them. And welcome to our community of writers!
Peggy Palms
Good to know about these tips! Can't wait to test them out.

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