Mother's Day Memories: When Mom Is the One Who Learns the Lesson by Raquel Masco

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3 years ago
Mother's Day Memories: When Mom Is the One Who Learns the Lesson

Today I was reminded about the time my boy was bullied by a group of kids in middle school because some little girl told them to (yes, I'm trying to keep it holy … lol) do it. I was ready to go to the school and find them when my son said, "No Mommy. Jesus forgave us, so we have to forgive them."

Aww, man. I really wanted to go left. It is always humbling when our kids are more mature in a moment than we are. Of course, there are all kinds of memories great and not so great. We persevered through so much and now I get to enjoy watching my boy became a great man.

We would love it if you share your memories. Happy Mother's Day week!

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Wow, what a great memory of a wonderful young man! So wise at such a young age. Thank you for sharing this story. My son started an anti-bullying FB page when he was in high school. He was always an upstander, and I was so proud of him for doing that. Great perspective, Raquel Masco !

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