Michele King Gonzales: The Runner Reveals 4 Ways She Balances Family, Career & Fitness by Jessica Acree

4 years ago

Michele King Gonzales: The Runner Reveals 4 Ways She Balances Family, Career & Fitness

She's become a social media star because of her dedication to distance running and healthy living, but there's a depth to Michele King Gonzales that you may not realize! Michele is a military veteran with intelligence expertise who served three tours of duty to Iraq, a high-level executive in the Big Apple financial scene and a married mother of two elementary school-aged boys.

In a recent Running World feature, she reveals four secrets to finding the balance between family, career and fitness. Spoiler alert: She drinks a glass of low-fat chocolate milk to recharge after her daily, early morning runs. I'm in, tell me more!

  • Be Routine: She calls her child care and work-schedule routine a "well-oiled machine" that helps their family stay on track and focused.
  • Prep to Save Time: Sundays are used to prepare for the week, a factor that saves "precious minutes" allowing them to do it all.
  • Recover Right: A quick grab chocolate milk filled with protein, carbs and electrolytes gives her the fuel she needs after a run. Her kids love it, too!
  • Celebrate Imperfection: She allows herself grace if their schedule skips a beat and stays cellphone free during family time to be fully present. 

Great tips! We all work hard to find balance in our own lives. Share your secrets to conquering the daily grind below. Perhaps you'll inspire someone, too.

Read more about Michele King Gonzales' routine at RunnersWorld.com.

Photos: Michele King Gonzales Instagram

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Donna John
Oh, wow! She's an amazing woman! I had no idea she was a veteran. Great post, Jessica Acree . Very inspiring!!
Jessica Acree
Sounds like she has a lot of tricks up her sleeve! I need military precision.
Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
Love this! She truly has it all going on, wow. Can't really top her tips for keeping it all together, but will add that my yoga and meditation practice keep me as grounded as I can get in my chaotic world, LOL! Thank you for sharing this inspiring woman, Jessica Acree !
Jessica Acree
Her routine is so on point, it made me tired reading it! haha I would really love to start yoga myself... <3

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