Themed Kids' Birthday Parties: Here's a Non-Conventional Way to Save Money on Parties! by Leslie W

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5 years ago

Themed Kids' Birthday Parties: Here's a Non-Conventional Way to Save Money on Parties!

Living in the South, parents go crazy on kids parties, spending $500 to $5000! When I had my first child, I swore I would never have a themed, fancy party. I succumbed to Southern ways and soon I was throwing themed all-out parties three times a year. I have no idea why I do it, but I am always happy with the result (though not with the cost).

My fanciest party was a princess tea party for my first child when she turned 5. I rented a space, bought linens, tea cups and saucers, tea pots, petite four stands, cake stands, rhinestone tiaras for each girl and made a complete tea brunch myself. I spent months shopping, making decorations and planning. Even doing everything myself, I spent $600. After this party I vowed never to spend this again. I never did, but I have spent $300 to $500 on each party since.

Recently, I was helping make decorations for a friend's party when it occurred to me I could theme my next party the same theme and ask to use her leftovers. I did, and she is giving me everything that she would otherwise throw away and letting me borrow things she wants to keep! Voila! Party on a budget! 

Don't be afraid to ask (close) friends for their leftovers!

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Donna John
Great idea! I have a whole cabinet full of stuff for a Game of Thrones party. If they don't get going with the next season soon, I may let someone else borrow it. lol
Elisa Schmitz
That is very smart! It's like a babysitting co-op for parties - just keep passing it along, LOL! Leslie W
Heather Holter
I think it's cool they end up fabulous, without the price! Many cheap parties appear cheap! Not yours!
Leslie W
Heather Holter Well, this one will be my first one with borrowed stuff. We'll see how it turns out. I'm hoping fabulous! I'm still spending probably $200 if you count food
Leslie W
Thanks everyone! Let me know if you do it! Another idea is to share a party with another mom if the same kids would be attending. Ends up half the cost if 2 moms do it together! And kids love sharing a party with their friends!

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