Dining Out on Mother's Day? My Name Is Dawn & I'll Be Your Server on the Busiest Day of the Year by Dawn Taylor

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10 months ago

Dining Out on Mother's Day? My Name Is Dawn & I'll Be Your Server on the Busiest Day of the Year

I am going to work on Mother's Day. Me. A mother who works hard all year. I have worked in restaurants since I was 18 years old. As a side job the money can't be beat. From being a struggling college student to a struggling single mother, being a server has always come through when I need extra cash.

Mother's Day is traditionally the busiest day of the year. I can't turn down the chance to make the awesome tips. Living in a small town, everyone knows me so there are usually some sympathy tips. I am sure they are thinking, “Poor thing, she has to work on Mother's Day” (and yes, I will take those tips graciously), but the thing is when you work in the restaurant business the money is best on special days. I work them all, New Year's EveEaster, etc., because when the getting is good I am going to get it.

For every busy day there are many more slow days in an unpredictable business. My kids have learned that we will celebrate later, and it is just the way it is. Instead of brunch or lunch we will have a wonderful dinner together. At another restaurant. I wonder who my server will be. I bet they, too, choose to be there and I will tip them generously.

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Donna John
My daughter is a server and so this post really hit home. Now, if she tells me she's working on Mother's Day, I'll just smile and tell her it's fine. :-) Be nice to your servers and tip well! Dawn Taylor Katie Smith
Dawn Taylor
So she knows what a good day it is to work :) It comes with the job and you just get used to it. Thanks for the reminder to be nice and tip well :)
Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
Thank you for sharing this wonderful perspective, Dawn Taylor ! Always like to be generous with servers, any day, but especially on holidays. They deserve it! 💗
Dawn Taylor
Thank you so much- most people are super generous and I think if they see you are pleasant and working hard, they will tip accordingly even when things go wrong. I learned that attitude is everything in the service industry :)
Ann Marie Patitucci
Thank you for sharing this with us, Dawn Taylor ! It sheds some light on the hard working people (including moms!) in the service industry and reminds us about the importance of not only tipping well but of the importance of humanity and kindness, too, I think. Welcome to our community of writers!
Dawn Taylor
Thank you Ann Marie, I know some people who haven't worked in the restaurant business who aren't always understanding of what we deal with but most are pretty great.
I am loving the community here at 30 Seconds and already feel 'write' at home. :)

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