Family Kindness Practice: 4 Ways to Raise the Next Generation of "Good Guys" by DoingGoodTogether

4 years ago
Family Kindness Practice: 4 Ways to Raise the Next Generation of "Good Guys"

Let's inspire our kids to live our values. A family "kindness practice" is not simply an occasional volunteer engagement – it’s a way of moving through your busy days with intention and empathy. It's a way we can each help build a culture that is more connected, more empathetic and more responsible for one another. Here are the four essential elements of a kindness practice:

  • Read with empathy. Every story time is an opportunity to talk about big ideas and consider life from each character's perspective. Ask, what would you do in their shoes?
  • Adopt everyday habits of kindness. Find one or two kind habits that fit with your daily routine, like packing an extra snack in case a friend forgets or purposefully sharing compliments with others.
  • Start kind conversations. Simply asking, "Who did you help today?" and "Who helped you today?" routinely will inspire kids to help others, if only to have an answer to share at the dinner table.
  • Volunteer as a family. Make time to help out in your community! Opportunities can be found at local food shelves, senior homes, shelters and other nonprofits. 

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Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
I love this, DoingGoodTogether , especially volunteering as a family. I have amazing memories of those times with my kids. Thank you for inspiring! Sarah Aadland

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