Challenge Your Kids: Why We Encouraged Our Tween to Pay for Her Trip to Israel by Kristan Wager

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5 years ago

Challenge Your Kids: Why We Encouraged Our Tween to Pay for Her Trip to Israel

"Mom, if I earn $1,000 can I go to Israel with you next year?" Our then 12-year-old daughter asked us this after we decided to return to Israel in 2018. I looked at her – she was dead serious. Wow! I was super impressed. That was a huge goal for someone with no job outside of babysitting!

By fall, she was over halfway to her goal. That was a lot of babysitting, lawn mowing and extra paid chores for us and others. Today we sat down and counted her money so we could write the trip check. She had $1,177 plus a piggy bank full of change. She was glowing with pride at the accomplishment. I was grinning ear to ear as well.

We could have easily paid for the trip, but at what cost? It is not the money; it is the experience that counts. She never doubted she would make her goal. In her own words, "I feel proud, I never realized that doing what I love to do would earn me money."

Challenge your kids to do hard things. Help them to create goals and encourage them to achieve them with hard work. Dream with them! Nothing will ever replace the shining look of pride in our girl's eyes. She did it!!

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Kristan Wager
You should see her glowing now!! Feeling famous already!
Elisa Schmitz
This is AMAZING! Way to go, both of you. So so exciting! Kristan Wager
Katie Sloan
This is fantastic!! What a great lesson at a young age. I think it’s hard for kids when they see parents paying for things on credit or debit. Money isn’t ‘real’ to them until they start stacking up cash.
Kristan Wager
Thank you, but so much credit goes to our girl! She is fantastic.
Jessica Acree
This is wonderful, I'm glad you took her seriously :) Because she was!
Kristan Wager
No kidding! Never underestimate a determined kiddo
Anna Kline
I sometimes fear the tween and teen years until I read something like this! So amazing!
Ann Marie Patitucci
This is amazing! What a special kid and what special parents, too. Plant carrots, get carrots. :) Way to go, mama! Kristan Wager
Kristan Wager
Thank you! Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead it takes lots of love and lots of time in teaching in the moment.
Michael Kennedy
This is awesome! My daughter's best friend has to help pay for her trip to Paris next summer now we are in the mix too. Great life lessons all along this ride!
Julio Caro
Thanks For Sharing....

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