Parent Shaming Schooling: Here's Why You Better Not Judge My Kid or Roll Your Eyes at Me by Rhiannon Bowden

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2 years ago

Parent Shaming Schooling: Here's Why You Better Not Judge My Kid or Roll Your Eyes at Me

Don’t roll your eyes and don’t whisper under your breath. I know my child might not be an angel right now, but I know he is growing and learning. He may be crying because of the color of his chair and you may find that annoying, but I know he is learning how to express himself. I know that in five minutes he will be laughing.

He may be playing with his food at the table and you may think I’m being a bad parent for letting him play on my phone. However, I know that this is the only time he gets with my phone. I see him when he holds the door open for me. I see him when he helps his little sister up when she falls. I see him say “thank you” and yes, I see him when he acts up. I know he is acting up, and he is growing from each experience. 

One day he will know how to express himself without tears or yelling, but right now he is learning. Let your child be who they are and help them learn from their actions. I will hold a conversation with him about his behavior and ask him what he was doing. And why. I will ask him if he knows a better way to react next time.

Don’t roll your eyes at my parenting. Remember, you were once a screaming child, too. All of us were.

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Julie Rose
You said it! 👍
Mike Prochaska
Yes this is true and funny at the same time.
Ann Marie Patitucci
Yes, mama! I bet Mercedes Samudio will love this one!
Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
Ha, this is so great! Parent shamers should be ashamed of themselves! Thanks for the great tip, Rhiannon Bowden !

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