Dear Fortnite: Stop Tearing My Family Apart (You Will Not Win) by Tanya Kuzmanovic

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5 years ago

Dear Fortnite: Stop Tearing My Family Apart (You Will Not Win)

Dear Fortnite,

You must think you are clever, holding my kids hostage like this. Bringing them together briefly before worming your infestation into our home – entrancing them into zombified gamers.

I will admit, dear Fortnite, that you have been nothing short of impressive. Not many games possess a siren song able to seduce teens, tweens and little kids alike. And while at first your charms encouraged my brood to bond and work together, it didn't take long for the sibling camaraderie to evaporate. Alliances only go so far when each child is vying for complete computer domination.

This marked the beginning of your end. I saw your true colors and they were nothing more than a series of fast-moving, fast-talking pixels, a momentary fad passing through. And as a family, we have weathered far worse than you, and can easily ride out Fortnite fever – no sweat!

Unlike our dusty, well-loved board games, there won't be a cozy shelf to house you when your luster inevitably wears off. So, I suggest you embrace your moment to shine your sickly glow, because soon you will be relegated back into the anonymous cyberspace from where you came.

Read another parent's thoughts about Fortnite via the Chicago Tribune.

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Belinda Lichty Clarke
I'm totally with you. Though, it got so bad I finally pulled the plug on it. At least on school nights.. ;)
Elisa Schmitz
Ha, this is great! I remember a similar feeling when my kids wouldn't stop playing Minecraft. Thanks for sharing this, Tanya Kuzmanovic . I think that's a great idea to pull the plug on school nights, Belinda Lichty Clarke !
Mike Prochaska
Don’t know what this game is but that a good thing
Mila Peters
Thanks for sharing Tanya, this is great! My son is 7 years old and he started playing the game last week ( the free version) but since the real version costs money, he quit playing it, thanks God!
Ann Marie Patitucci
My son likes it too! We don't allow them to use technology of any kind on school nights so we only have to deal with it on the weekends. That's bad enough! :) Thanks for this, Tanya Kuzmanovic !
Michael Kennedy
Our kids are hearing about it at school, but any new apps go through a pretty rigorous approval process at our house far, it's nada, but I hear you loud and clear!
Shane Hadaller
Technology has changed our children a lot, it is an advantage for learning but a disadvantage for family life! you have to set limits to create the perfect balance

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