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Organize & Preserve Photos With Organizer Bonnie Hillman Shay!

Are your camera, phone and computer full of pictures you’ve never printed or shared? Do you have boxes full of loose photos that you have never done anything with? Are you overwhelmed and stuck not knowing what to do or where to even start? Bonnie Hillman Shay, founder of Mariposa Photo Organizing, has been helping families curate their family photo collection and preserve their legacies for 11 years. She shared practical techniques for managing your digital photo collection, and sorting and digitizing your printed photos, home movies and slides. Read on for her tips!

Q: How do I begin to deal with the thousands of digital photos I have?

  • Centralize your digital photos (include old computers, phones, tablets and external hard drives). Don’t forget thumb drives, disks and SD cards.
  • Edit your digital photo collection to the “best of the best.” Eliminate duplicate, blinks, blurry, poorly composed and redundant images.
  • Schedule regular maintenance sessions on your calendar so your digital photo collection doesn’t get out of control again!
  • Backup your digital photo collection!

Q: What’s the best form of backup for my digital photo collection?

An easy rule of thumb to remember is 3-2-1. Three copies, two different media, one off site. An external hard drive stored off site at your office, a neighbor’s or parents’ house is an excellent option. A cloud-based version is also an excellent option. The best form of backup is one that runs automatically and that you don't have to remember to execute. Keep in mind that printed photos are a form backup, too, and you don’t need any technology or equipment to view them (save for a pair of reading glasses perhaps)!

Q: How do I begin to organize my printed photos?

  • Centralize your printed photos. Dig them out from their hiding places! Take them out of your basement, attic, closet, garage, etc.
  • Sort photos in to chronological order (e.g., start by decade and then fine tune to year if you wish).
  • Edit out poor quality photos (blinks, blurry, poorly composed, redundant).
  • Mail duplicate photos with friends and family! It is always fun to get a blast from the past in the mail!
  • Scan the best of the best so you have them in digital format.
  • Store printed photos in photo safe boxes and in a climate-controlled space.

Q: What are some easy ways to help get photos back in my life?

  • Pick some of your favorite photos, frame them and place them around your house.
  • Create a photo book for a special occasion (e.g., graduation, birthday, or anniversary), vacation or year in review.
  • Create an online photo gallery that family members can access from wherever they live in the world.
  • Create a slideshow/montage for a special occasion (e.g., anniversary, birthday or graduation).
  • Purchase and display a digital photo frame.

Q: What are the reasons why I ought to curate my family photo collection?

  • Avoid damage or loss. With so many natural disasters happening around the world, everyone's collections are at risk. Digitizing your photos and having multiple backup copies will ensure that these items will be safe for a long time to come.
  • Photos will change color, fade and scratch over time. Videos and audio tapes especially deteriorate quickly due to the technology used to make them. Save them while you still can.
  • Formats will become outdated. Do you still have a VCR? How about a slide projector? Once your items are digitized, they can be viewed on your TV set or your computer and easily shared over the internet.
  • Boxes and boxes of photos and movies take up a lot of physical and mental space. It is best to consolidate your collection, edit it to the best of the best and digitize. This will free up shelf space and mental space.

The process and end results will bring you and your family endless joy and satisfaction.

Q: Any last tips you want to leave us with?

  • Preserve your videos and movie collection since chances are you don't have the equipment with which to watch them. Have your movies and videos digitized to view and keep safe.
  • Find a place in your geographical area that provides top quality photo organizing, scanning and movie conversion services. Avoid shipping your precious memories and risk losing them forever.
  • If you have your photos scanned or movies converted, have them put on a thumb drive or external hard drive for best quality and preservation going forward. DVDs and CDs are becoming obsolete.
  • Choose a selection of photos to display as a screensaver. Keep your memories alive on a daily basis.
  • One of my favorite gifts is a personalized memory game with your family photos. Great for younger kids. Instead of saying "don't touch the photos," your photos will be touched and loved and played with. Best of all worlds.

Q: How can people learn more about your business and services?

Be sure to follow @bonniehshay and read her 30Seconds tips!

Ann Marie Patitucci
This is right up my alley! I love taking and organizing photos but I've fallen behind with the organization part!!
I think Bonnie’s chat topic is relevant to us all! I know I need some serious help! 😆 I look forward to learning more!!
Mike Prochaska
Can’t wait to hear her ideas my google cloud is always filled with pictures
Elisa Schmitz
Yay! Wonderful topic we all could use help with. Excited to chat with you, Bonnie Hillman Shay ! 💗
Meredith Schneider
I so need help with this! Can't wait to hear how I can organize tons of family pix.
Jamie Martin
I'm sure you will learn a lot from Bonnie. Photos are her specialty!
Tamara O'Shaughnessy
Can't wait, though might be late. My photos are in a giant under the bed plastic box and on thumb drives all over the house. Sigh.
Marjorie A. Carter
I won't be in attendance as have a bible study. thanks for understanding.

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