Go Play! Activity Cards: A Fun Learning Tool for Kids' Playtime That Earned the 30Second Mom "Loves This" Award! by Morgan Hawthorne

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4 years ago
Go Play! Activity Cards: A Fun Learning Tool for Kids' Playtime That Earned the 30Second Mom "Loves This" Award!

My 4-year-old daughter, Kylie, and I sat down recently for some learning play time with the Go Play! Activity Cards by Play & Grow. These great cards earned the 30Second Mom "Loves This" Award!

Kylie loved the sweet nursery rhymes on the cards and the actions on the cards to act out the songs. Created by Teacher Karen, the cards come in different sets for each season. We played with the spring set. In addition to adorable songs, there are reinforcement questions on each card to enhance quality learning. At the bottom of each card, the benefits that are gained by playing the card are listed along with a code that links you to a website.

The website has a video of the song, different activities that go with the song, and book suggestions that are of the same topic as the lesson. The colors and the cards themselves are very kid-friendly and inviting. Kylie loved all of the songs, and some of them were brand new to her! The learning enhancement activities that are listed on the website are very fun and educational.

I loved that in the video of one song, Teacher Karen shows the kids how to sign the colors of the rainbow! If your child is resistant to learning, these cards are perfect for them.

Go Play! Activity Cards can be found at PlayAndGrow.com!

Play & Grow's "Go Play!" Activity Cards: A Fun Way to Keep Babysitters Off Their Phones While on Duty!

#30Seconds In-Depth: Bring on Spring & Bring on Play With Childhood Educator Teacher Karen!

Teacher Karen
Wonderful to hear Kylie had fun using the Cards--and I sure appreciated her giving the Cards a thumbs up!!
Ann Marie Patitucci
Thanks for sharing this with us, Morgan Hawthorne !
Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
So awesome! Thank you for this great review of Teacher Karen 's wonderful activity cards for kids. Making education fun is the key to learning! Thanks to you and Kylie for sharing your experience, Morgan Hawthorne !
Teacher Karen
Making learning fun creates life-long learners!
Renee Herren
I love that the cards include questions to ask!
What a fantastic product, I'm going to check it out.

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