My Kids Aren't Allowed to Be Picky Eaters: Here's the Parenting Trick That Worked for Me! by Heather Holter

6 years ago

My Kids Aren't Allowed to Be Picky Eaters: Here's the Parenting Trick That Worked for Me!

When my kids were small, I tried to make meals I knew everyone would eat. Once the kids were all 6 and older, I started making whatever I wanted to make. They got two choices: eat it or starve! Many nights they chose not to eat, and that's OK. But most nights, they all chose to eat because they were hungry.

Sometimes they don't want to eat, but then later they are hungry enough to ask for the dinner I made. Doing meals this way has made my life so much easier and more enjoyable, because I get to cook and eat meals I actually like as opposed to "kid food." It also makes for more adventurous eaters. My kids have favorite foods that are not typical, such as brussels sproutsshrimp and sushi.

My oldest son eats whatever is in front of him, but that is probably because he is 15, growing and hungry. My 9-year-old twins are the least likely to eat, but often are the ones deciding to eat the meal later. My advice is this: If you want adventurous eaters, make a variety of foods and make mixed things, like soups, stews and hot dishes. This way they can't just eat one thing for dinner, like if you had separate items such as a meat, a vegetable, bread and potatoes

Good luck making your kids adventurous eaters!

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Elisa Schmitz
Couldn't agree more, Heather Holter ! If you keep giving kids multiple food choices, it will definitely reinforce picky eating. I always made one meal and my kids grew up with adventurous appetites. Great tip!

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