Actor Kristen Bell's Trick to Get Her Toddler to Sleep: Controversial or Genius? Share Your Thoughts! by Renee

4 years ago
Actor Kristen Bell's Trick to Get Her Toddler to Sleep: Controversial or Genius? Share Your Thoughts!

You are knee-deep in laundry, dirty dishes are piled up in the sink, toys are everywhere and now it's bedtime! Thank goodness or good grief? Let’s be honest, when it comes to bedtime and toddlers, we all know the struggle is real!

Actor Kristen Bell, who rarely shies away from an embarrassing or controversial parenting topic, recently shared a bedtime trick she uses to get her 3-year-old to go to bed. According to BuzzFeed, Bell and her husband, actor Dax Shepard, switched the doorknob around so the lock is on the outside of the bedroom door. When it is time for bed, Bell and Shepard lock the door, stand outside and tell their child that they love her and that it is bedtime. Bell says that her daughter winds herself down and that before going to bed herself, Bell unlocks the door.

What do you think about this bedtime “trick”? Are you relieved to know you are not alone in using unconventional ways to manage bedtime? Or do you find this trick to be harsh and disturbing? Have you ever used a parenting method that was not well liked by others? Do tell!

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Read more about Kristen Bell's unique bedtime routine via Buzzfeed

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Elisa Schmitz, 30Seconds
The struggle is definitely real! I remember trying to get my toddlers to sleep; it was not easy. At some point, you all just need to get some rest. I can't imagine locking the door and not being able to see what they're doing inside, though. Maybe if I had a video camera monitor and I knew the child was safe?! This is a tough one for me, but I am so not into parent shaming and each parent has to make their own parenting decisions, IMO. Thank you for sharing this, Renee Herren ! Wondering what Mercedes Samudio thinks of this?
I feel the same. I don’t think I could do it. I’d worry too much and feel guilty. I won’t shame another parent who is doing what they think is best.
Jessica Acree
We have totally stood there and HELD the door, joking that we should lock her in there... but haven't actually taken that step. I have mixed feelings, but know the struggle is real, so I won't shame her for it! Bedtime can be h*ll on a rough night and no one is typically at their best during the last part of a long day, lol I love her honesty!
I definitely appreciate her honesty!
Jessica Acree
Yes! As long as they unlock it.... (worried about the fire factor!) 😬
Mike Prochaska
I been there done that many times
Mercedes Samudio
It’s mostly like everyone has already said: the bedtime struggle is real and whatever methods people use - as long as the child is safe - can not be judged or shamed. I think Kristen is brave for speaking out and sharing her methods - it’s good to know that you’re not alone in this struggle. And her daughter isn’t being abused. Also, we don’t know how they’ve set up the daughters room, so it could be safe and a good space for Teri daughter to wind down. All in all, do what’s right for your family.
Ann Marie Patitucci
I'm not sure that this particular strategy is for me, but no judgment here. As Mercedes Samudio would say, #endparentshaming (I noticed some of that going on in the comments of the Buzz Feed article). One thought: I think it's safer for the lock to be on the outside of a child's door (as in this case) than the inside; I hate the thought that a child could lock his/herself inside the room and the parent couldn't get to the child quickly in an emergency situation.
Gina Pomering
Every trick I use is NOT well liked but that’s bc no one knows my son like I do. Also I say anything that works , go for it! All kids are different and we shouldn’t judge each other bc not everything is black n white! I say whatever works is what is right!

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