Science Projects: Spark Curiosity in Your Child With Citizen Science by DoingGoodTogether

4 years ago
Science Projects: Spark Curiosity in Your Child With Citizen Science

Being curious about the lives and feelings of others is fundamental to living a life of compassion. And curiosity about the natural world is the best way to inspire our kids to help us protect it. This spring, with the help of, spark your child's curiosity and be a force for good by becoming a citizen scientist. As a citizen scientist, your child can volunteer to further real scientific inquiries in collaboration with researchers. Here are three simple projects that your family might enjoy:

  • Monarch SOS, where an app turns your nature hike into a Monarch rescue expedition.
  • Pl@ntNet, where an app identifies plants you encounter and uses your data to track the migration of species (particularly invasive species).
  • Showerhead Microbiome, where you receive a kit in the mail to sample your showerhead and contribute to a study that could improve human health.

Have fun, do good and spark that spirit of curiosity! Find more tools to raise caring kids at!

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