My Daughter Might Not Be Popular, But I Am OK With That: Here's Why! by Erica Hornthal

My Daughter Might Not Be Popular, But I Am OK With That: Here's Why!

I thought once high school ended so would the days of not being part of the "popular" group. I personally never belonged to one group, but rather had many different friends from many different walks of life.

Well, here I am, many years after high school and find myself not in the "popular" group yet again. This time as a mom. I am OK with that, yet now I realize that it affects my daughter. Because I do not have a large social circle neither does my daughter, and I doubted my abilities as a mom to provide an enriching social environment for her.

However, I am realizing yet again that it is quality over quantity. It is not my responsibility to place my child into a ready made social environment where she is included without any hesitation. It is my job to raise an independent, self aware, understanding human being who can make those decisions for herself. I hope to shape her self-esteem and confidence so that she surrounds herself with people that make her the best version of herself and support her through this thing called life.

I am raising my daughter to be friendly, social, polite and inclusive ... and I am OK with that!

Who is with me?

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
You said it, Erica Hornthal ! I would rather that my kids have a couple of true friends than many so-called friends. You (and your daughter) are not alone!

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