Highly Sensitive Kids: Appreciating Your Child’s Contribution to the World by Mila Peters

6 years ago

Highly Sensitive Kids: Appreciating Your Child’s Contribution to the World

Being the mother of a highly sensitive child has taught me many things, but trying to have the world appreciate his sensitivity as a beautiful gift and not a weakness has been a struggle. My little boy feels profound empathy toward anyone who’s hurt, sad or simply emotionally overwhelmed by sad songs, emotional stories, loud noises/voices or any unfairness. 

In the beginning, I thought my child was depressed and needed therapy or some kind of professional guidance to get him out of the emotional “stage” he was in. I tried to fit him into this frame that society, our education system, or even we as individuals, have created. But I was wrong, and I know that now.

Today and forever, I will celebrate his gift. I’m learning how to listen and guide him through his emotions and encouraging him to love his special gift and help those around him. Allowing him to experience so many emotions is hard to see at times, but I know that by taking his time to process these feelings, it will help him immensely as he grows older.

Celebrate your child’s gift, help him appreciate who he is, accept him and guide him through this beautiful ride called life. You might also learn a thing or two.

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Elisa Schmitz
This is so beautiful, Mila Peters . Thank you for sharing this important perspective on sensitive children. As the mother of one myself, I appreciate you writing about this so others can understand the gifts these children are, even if they are misunderstood. Hopefully this will help them be more understood! Welcome to our 30Seconds tribe. I look forward to learning and growing with you!
Ann Marie Patitucci
Thank you for sharing this, Mila Peters ! Empathic children are so special. I think this will help others to better understand them. Good job, mama, for supporting and encouraging your sweet boy! Welcome to our community of writers. We’re so glad to have you!
Mila Peters
Oh, thanks both of you for your kind words, and special thanks to you Ann Marie for inspiring me to write about this subject. This is very close to my heart, but I also know I am not alone, so spreading awareness is the least I can do.... I am so looking forward to learning so much from all of you.... best wishes and Happy Easter!

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