Is Your Kid's Social Media Usage Out of Control? 5 Ways to Curb Tech Addiction! by Sheryl Gould

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5 years ago

Is Your Kid's Social Media Usage Out of Control? 5 Ways to Curb Tech Addiction!

Since 2013, rates of teenage depression and suicide have skyrocketed. It is no coincidence that this is the same year when the proportion of Americans owning a cellphone surpassed 50 percent – and the generation now known as the iGen were born. Here are some tips to help curb your kid’s cellphone use:

  • Phone Off at 10 – No Exceptions: And better yet, no phone before bed. Ensure your teen charges their phone in a room other than their bedroom.
  • Phone-free Zones: Movie night, trips to Starbucks, shopping, baking, family dinners and studying can and should be done without a phone in hand.
  • Get the Log-ins: Parents often struggle with the moral issue of spying on their kids, which is why I suggest not doing it. Openly tell them you will regularly check their social media accounts.
  • Keep Private: My mantra is if you don’t want your grandmother to know about it, don’t post it on social media. This also means never giving out private information if a stranger could obtain that content.
  • Be Kind: It’s a challenge for even well-intentioned kids to avoid making others feel excluded. With everything on display, be honest with your friends or they will find out later. And never make fun of anyone online.

How do you control your child's cellphone use? Tell us below!

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Mike Prochaska
Man so not ready to deal with this! For now no phone till 18
Sheryl Gould
Mike Prochaska - sure would make life easier!
Elisa Schmitz
These are great, great tips, Sheryl Gould ! I struggled with this a lot during my kids' high school years. There is no easy answer. I love that you are honest and up front about this with your kids. It truly is the best way!
Tanya Kuzmanovic
also - kids will mimic their parents - i STILL don't have a cellphone - so one of my daughters doesn't want one either -- the other one has one - but only uses it occasionally . . .
Sheryl Gould
Tanya Kuzmanovic wow - good for you! I couldn't agree with you more that we need to model the behavior we want to see.
Tiffany Zook
We use my daughters phone to call my phone because I lose it daily or even hourly.
Bri Montoya
Great tips on being proactive and involved! I think a lot of parents are scared of moving into the stage of technology and social media. I know I was reluctant, but I realized it's not only the way of the world, but it can also be convenient - especially as our son gets more independent and is involved in more extracurricular activities. It's all about being proactive and intentional.

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