Mom & Dad: Why Do We Think Parenting Is Such a Sacrifice? Let's Look at Exactly What That Means... by Roma Khetarpal

7 months ago
Mom & Dad: Why Do We Think Parenting Is Such a Sacrifice? Let's Look at Exactly What That Means... supplied the perfect definition of the word sacrifice: “Something given up or lost; the sacrifices made by parents.” I couldn't help but think about how this word really pertains to parenting. We have “given up” or “lost” our overall independence and our freedom. But let’s look at exactly what that means:

  • We could get up and go wherever and whenever we wanted to. We didn't have to look for babysitters or family caretakers. We have given up self-centric behavior.
  • When we left the house, we traveled lightly. We only had to fend for ourselves. We have given up caring only for ourselves.
  • The house was quiet and organized. We have lost our need for perfection.
  • If there was no food in the house, we could eat four bags of chips and pop a can of soda or head to the drive through. We have given up bad eating habits.
  • Our to-do lists were based on our own needs, wishes and desires. We have given up spending all our time on ourselves.

What we consider a sacrifice is actually a golden opportunity for growth. If anything, we should be grateful that having children brings change and evolution into our lives.

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
What a wonderful perspective on "sacrifice." Many thanks for this brilliant insight, Roma Khetarpal ! Tools Of Growth
Mike Prochaska
Yes who Wants a clean quiet house anyway.... great tip..

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