Cleaning Tips for Moms: How to Have a Clean Home in Minutes Each Day! by Melissa Hurt

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5 years ago

Cleaning Tips for Moms: How to Have a Clean Home in Minutes Each Day!

A regular frustration among the mothers with which I work is how their homes are in disarray and they have zero energy to clean. The mess worsens, and they feel in over their heads. Here's a method I came up with when my daughter was a toddler to help me get through this feeling: Pick one task in one room and do it completely at one time of day. At the end of the day, pick another task and do it completely. Move your way through your home doing tidbits of tidying and cleaning and you will find your home reaching a state of cleanliness that is comfortable. For example:

  • In the morning before you jump in the shower, sweep/dust mop the bathroom floors in the house. That evening, run a wet mop through them.
  • The next day, sweep the hard floors on one level of the house in the a.m. and do another level in the p.m.
  • Day three, vacuum the carpeted surfaces on one level in the a.m. and the other level in the p.m.
  • Day four, clean the kitchen counters in the morning and the stove in the evening.

Carry on doing one small task once a day and it will add up over time. You can find efficient uses for your energy, take care of your home and live well in your space. Each task takes between one to five minutes. Easy!

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Mike Prochaska
Or just wait till kids move out..
Elisa Schmitz
Interesting idea, Melissa Hurt ! I may try this...

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