DIY Slime Time: Why I Let My Daughter Make All the Homemade Slime She Wants! by Holly Budde

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5 years ago

DIY Slime Time: Why I Let My Daughter Make All the Homemade Slime She Wants!

Seems I am the odd mom out in the neighborhood with this slime making. So? My 10-year-old and friends have a slime “factory” on the porch – and I couldn’t care less. Those girls can make slime in all kinds of ways. They not only know how to make it, they know what to add to make it shiny, smell good, bubble. They add finger paints and nail polish for color or glitter to sparkle and, yes, even glow!

To me, slime is creative play at its best. Sure, glue prices are up and she steals my detergent, body sprays and lotions sometimes (had to put an end to taking my best stuff), but what else can I entertain her with all weekend for the same price?

I won’t let her make it inside. I set her up on the porch with a handy cube for storage. It does get messy sometimes, and they “forget” to pick it up so I have to call her out to do it, but overall its great fun for them. And awesome for me because again, I know where she is and what she’s doing. Those girls will sit and play all evening. I enjoy going out and seeing what is next. It’s a win-win at my house. She’s home, she’s relaxing and so am I! Slime, anyone?

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Elisa Schmitz
You are such a fun mom! I love that you let your kids have freedom like this. My kids loved making slime, too. Way to go, Holly Budde !
Meredith Schneider
I so agree Holly Budde ! My 3 girls love making slim. Didn't think of having them do it outside LOL! They have a craft table next to the kitchen table. The day we added glitter would of been a good day to be outside. Oh well the floor sparkles with glitter and distracts from the dust bunnies. Love how creative it allows them to be.
Ann Marie Patitucci
I couldn't agree more. My kids are on spring break this week and guess what they're doing today, Holly Budde ?! :)
Yes! Messy, creative play is exactly what kids need more of.... and by keeping it outside and setting some limits on what your daughter can and can't use, you're making it easier on yourself too. Excellent!

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