Creative Minds: How Art Classes Help Kids Look at the World Through New Eyes by Charlene Torkelson

5 years ago

Creative Minds: How Art Classes Help Kids Look at the World Through New Eyes

Yes, I am a dance teacher. A dance teacher in a studio decorated with my own paintings. So, when some of my dance students asked if I would also teach an art class, I thought, “Why not?”

We began with some basic perspective – draw a square object and a circle shape looking at the dimensions. How does the color change as the subject recedes? What part appears smaller? Where does the light hit? Then we moved on to our own selves, drawing our hands, feet, faces and each other in various poses. Quick 20-second sketches. We worked with color as we moved on to painting – watercolors and acrylics. The possibilities were endless.

I’ll admit, I’ve always loved art. I even have an art degree, but what was most surprising to me as well as to my students was how these projects changed their daily lives. They looked at things differently, noticing details and color so much more. They also thought about their art pieces throughout the day, pondering their significance. They chose subjects that were important to their own lives – ones with meaning and capturing important memories – special to who they were.

The art became them and brought a new excitement for life.

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Elisa Schmitz
Wow! Wonderful idea, and I love this art, Charlene Torkelson !
Stephanie Cannoe
Living and breathing art! A beautiful way to connect to life, yourself and each other. I agree. And the picture is of a seer - that must be you!
Mike Prochaska
I hate hate hate Art! But my daughter LOVES it! I mean it her thing! It just amazing to she her world thought her art projects
And the things she creates.

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