Encouraging Passion in Kids: Finding Their Unique Gifts (Not Yours!) by Charlene Torkelson

6 years ago

Encouraging Passion in Kids: Finding Their Unique Gifts (Not Yours!)

When I was a child, my mother encouraged me to play the piano. She said, “If you aren’t able to play the piano, you will forever regret it.” My mother had a passion to play the piano. I did not. As an adult, I have no regrets not being able to play the piano. I took piano lessons. I had the same piece for the entire year! My progress was limited because piano was not my passion – it was my mother’s passion. My passion was to dance. 

My mother never understood my passion just as I didn’t understand hers. When I became a teen and got my first job, I took my first paycheck and enrolled in dance classes. The teacher could see my love of dance and helped me progress along side the others who had begun as young children. Now many years later, I have fulfilled my passion – I have been a dancer and teacher for 40 years. It has brought me extreme joy and success, and it has allowed me to share it with others. They can immediately see the joy dancing brings me. 

Sometimes we must understand the passion of our children even though it is not anything we might choose for ourselves. Each person has something passionate inside of them – and it is unique to them.

What's your passion?

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Elisa Schmitz
This is such a great story to share with parents, Charlene Torkelson ! I think we want our kids to love what we love, and it's tough to accept everyone has unique interests. Thank you for sharing this insightful perspective!
Mike Prochaska
Yep my daughter loves ballet never would have signed her up but she asked to go so I did. Just remember let them learn what they want and they will get wings and watch them fly. Sounds Cheezy but it true I am amazed every day

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