Educational Games for Kids: Try This Fun Activity to Get Imaginations Going by Charlene Torkelson

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4 years ago
Educational Games for Kids: Try This Fun Activity to Get Imaginations Going

As a mother of three, I wracked my brain to provide an educational, creative activity for my kids during their summers off from school. Here's a game my kids enjoyed:

  • For each summer day, I put a word on a piece of paper and tossed all into a bowl. 
  • Each morning we would pull out a piece of paper and read the word. 
  • At dinner that day, each child would have to present something about that word – a short story, poem, song, research report, art piece, etc. 

The words were very general, allowing them to think creatively. Here are some examples:

  • water
  • school
  • love
  • family
  • friends
  • green

My oldest son would begin his paragraph 15 minutes before the presentation time – of course! My daughter loved all the bells and whistles of creating an art piece. But my youngest son would always have a story or report and an art piece. He also dressed in costume for his presentation. It became so much fun to wait each day to see what he would come up with that we decided to take pictures to relive the moments. 

He dressed up like a teacher for "school."

He became cupid for "love" with a bow and arrow made out of tree branches.

This proved to be not only fun and creative, but became an exciting way to encourage thinking outside of the box.

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