Meal Planning: Everything I Know I Learned From a 1917 U.S. Food Administration Poster! by Jarman Fagalde

5 years ago

Meal Planning: Everything I Know I Learned From a 1917 U.S. Food Administration Poster!

As a busy working mom, plate spinning – both literally and figuratively – is one of my main skill sets. A big time saver for our family that has a huge return on investment – both financial and in that elusive commodity, time – is meal planning. But in order to ensure that this task is in line with providing quality nutritional foods that also supports our family values, let’s take a trip back to … 1917?

  • Buy it with thought. Select foods with a holistic approach in mind, considering your family’s unique requirements.
  • Cook it with care. Experiment with colors and flavors vs. salty fats and sweet sugars to excite your family’s palate.
  • Use less wheat and meat. We could all use more vegetables on our plates.
  • Buy local foods. Look for local produce at the grocery store and also at your local farmer’s market – this can work for all budgets. Involve your kids and make it fun!
  • Serve just enough. This is a great opportunity to talk about moderation and intentionality.
  • Use what is left. Baked a chicken? Use the carcass to make stock. Leftover rice? Freeze it. Don’t waste it.

What methods do you use to be intentional about eating and preparing food in your home?

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Ann Marie Patitucci
This is fantastic! Who knew we could learn so much about today's meal prep craze from the wisdom of 1917! Love it! Welcome to or writing community, Jarman Fagalde ! We are so glad to have you!
Elisa Schmitz
OK, this is awesome! Some things never change. Thanks for the great tip, Jarman Fagalde . Welcome to our 30Seconds tribe. We are excited to learn and grow with you!

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