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#30Seconds In-Depth: Shake Your Shamrocks in Style This St. Patrick’s Day With Cheryl Leahy! by Donna John

5 years ago
#30Seconds In-Depth: Shake Your Shamrocks in Style This St. Patrick’s Day With Cheryl Leahy!

Hoping for good luck to find some simple, fun and chic ideas for St. Patrick’s Day? This week we were over the rainbow to welcome our very own #30Seconds contributor, Cheryl Leahy, a lifestyle blogger at All Dressed Up with Nothing to Drink, mom and media personality in the Chicagoland area. Cheryl dished on all things St. Patrick's Day, from the perfect party drink to DIY decor to festive food. You will be set to shake your shamrocks in style! 

Q: What are some inexpensive ways to decorate?

  • This year, I am using butcher paper and creating oversize Irish Blessings to hang on my walls. 
  • Pennies can be used as a cheap way to decorate! 
  • For a table runner, glue pennies to a strip of kraft paper or material. 
  • Greenery or yellow flowers in plastic black Halloween cauldrons is very "pot o' gold!" 
  • Burlap makes a simple and rustic table cover or runner, wrap it around mason jars and pop candles in.

Q: Any easy appetizer ideas that don’t take forever to make?

I always try to assemble vs. cook! My favorites are:

  • Corned beef and cabbage sliders! Use Hawaiian rolls and fill with sliced corned beef, cole slaw salad mix and dressing.
  • Beer cheese fondue is fairly easy. Pick your favorite fondue recipe and add celery sticks for dipping.
  • Use spinach tortillas to make pinwheels. Put any filling in, wrap up and slice thinly.
  • A mashed potato bar is my secret party weapon. I buy pre-made mashed potatoes and lay out toppings.

Q: How about sweet treats? Any simple desserts to impress the guests?

  • I make pot o’ gold truffles with leftover Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies! Mix 1 package of thin mints with 4 ounces of cream cheese and dip in chocolate.
  • Lucky Charms cereal is an easy swap for Rice Krispies treats. I make a pan, cut into small cubes and pop on a stick after dipping an end in chocolate. Kids can help.
  • I just discovered edible spray paint! Use gold to paint Oreos to make edible gold coins.
  • For the kids, I make rainbow "candy" necklaces using string and Fruit Loops cereal.

Q: After the kids go to bed, what cocktail ideas do you have for the adults?

  • I greet guests with an oozy shamrock shake shot, which is vanilla ice cream plus Bailey's plus Creme de Menthe.
  • Make sure to have plenty of Guinness on hand! Perfect a black and tan: use a pale beer like Harp's or Smithwick's on bottom, Guinness on top.
  • For the kids, use a lemon lime soda and add scoops of lime sherbet for an Irish float.
  • Since Moscow mules are so popular, try an Irish mule: ginger beer or ginger ale plus Irish whiskey and a squeeze of lime.

Q: How about kid’s crafts? Any ways to get the kids involved?

  • We love making leprechaun traps! We use Lucky Charms for "bait" and create elaborate ways to lure and catch this fictitious creature.
  • You can make clay pot leprechaun hats. Simply paint terra cotta pots green, add a black piece of material and finish with a gold buckle!
  • Tell your kids the legend of the blarney stone and help them make their very own with a rock and paint.
  • Have them help make shamrock pretzel pops. Form a four-leaf clover with four pretzels, coat with green chocolate melts and add a stick.

Q: Now that I have all my party essentials, what do I WEAR to my St. Patrick’s Day party?

  • I used to make T-shirts with funny sayings every year. I purchased iron-on transfers for my printer!
  • Go beyond the green and go for the gold! I love a gold sequin skirt topped with a silky tank for an upscale look or a T-shirt for casual.
  • Nail polish is an easy way to go green. Do different shades on each finger, or an accent finger in gold glitter.
  • Jewel tones look lovely on everyone. Find an apparel item in emerald that you can re-wear throughout spring and summer.
  • Consider what upcoming events you have. Derby? Get a green fascinator and wear for both events! 

Be sure to follow  @CJAllDressedUp, follow Cheryl on Facebook, visit All Dressed Up with Nothing to Drink and read her 30Seconds tips!

Meredith Schneider
Baaaaah! Love this headline! LOL! Can't wait to hear all of the fun and festive ideas for St. Patrick's Day! :)
Mike Prochaska
Everyone is Irish on st Patrick’s Day
Elisa Schmitz
Yaaas! It’s the hostess with the mostest, Cheryl Leahy ! Can’t wait to chat with you, chica! 🍀
Nicole DeAvilla
Get your green on for this chat! I look forward to learning all of your tips and tricks Cheryl Leahy !
Alex Bryant
Wish I can join in this discussion will look through the stream later. Have fun 30Seconds tribe.
Rachel W. Lewter
Girl I’m definitely ready for any tips you have. Now let’s talk more about that drink...... :~)

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