Food: A Love Story: Getting My Virtual Food Fix Through Humor (& Jim Gaffigan!) by Gail Gedan Spencer

6 years ago

Food: A Love Story: Getting My Virtual Food Fix Through Humor (& Jim Gaffigan!)

So, I did a thing last month – a big thing. After decades of up-and-down dieting (mostly up), I got bariatric surgery. I'm nearly a month into it and things are going great. I'm down more than 30 pounds, my clothes are getting looser and looser, I'm more active and I'm gradually getting the hang of my new way of eating. But that doesn't mean I don't think about food at all.

Every now and then I wonder what it would be like to dig into some comfort food, and while I really can't do that anymore (or even want to!), that doesn't mean I can't virtually indulge, which I did with Jim Gaffigan's book, "Food: A Love Story." If you're a fan of Gaffigan, you know and love his riffs on Hot Pockets®, but this book delves much deeper into the comedian's love of food.

OK, not all food – he gives cauliflower a hard time, especially on the party snack table ("What the hell am I doing on this table? I can’t compete with a bowl of peanut-­butter-­filled pretzels! As if that ranch dressing is going to help sell me."). He talks about his fascination with an old guy back in Indiana just walking around with a cup of fast-food gravy, and how he is imminently qualified to opine about food because he's just overweight enough to let ya' know he's a fan of food.

His droll sense of humor shines through on the printed page, and this book is the perfect companion to perhaps a grilled cheese sandwich. But for me, I'll have a protein shake and live vicariously through his munchies. 

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Donna John
I love Jim Gaffigan! I saw him a couple years ago and he's hilarious. About to order his book using the link above. Thanks for the book suggestion, and so happy for you! Gail Gedan Spencer
Michael Kennedy
"Dad Is Fat" is one of my faves from JG, I'll have to get this. Thanks!
Elisa Schmitz
Way to go, Gail Gedan Spencer ! Keep on being amazing. Thank you for this!!
Tiffany Zook
Jim reads the audio version, I laughed out loud...great road trip book.

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