Nhaka Foundation: Increasing Kid's Access to Quality Early Learning Opportunities in Zimbabwe by Patrick Makokoro

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6 years ago

Nhaka Foundation: Increasing Kid's Access to Quality Early Learning Opportunities in Zimbabwe

Nhaka Foundation is a Zimbabwe-based non-governmental organization. The foundation has developed and implemented a series of interventions designed to bridge the gap between the government’s capabilities and policies mandating the requirement for early childhood development (ECD) programming in primary schools and its ability to fully realize the implementation of such programs.

Along with its partners, Nhaka Foundation provides access to education, basic health care and daily sustenance for the orphaned and vulnerable children in the communities it serves. It provides aid and support to ensure the creation of a physical environment conducive to learning, growth and the optimal development of all children.

Get involved today by supporting the good works of Nhaka Foundation. Make a donation or become an activist to raise money for our programs. If a more personal connection is what you seek, consider becoming a sponsor or a volunteer. Follow your heart as we do here at Nhaka Foundation.

For additional information on our projects or how to get involved, contact team Nhaka or email at info@nhakafoundation.org.

Photos: Nhaka Foundation

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Mike Prochaska
Look at the smiles u bring to those kids faces.. #bemoreawesome for sure
Elisa Schmitz
How wonderful! Thank you for sharing, Patrick Makokoro !

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