Yoga While Nursing or Bottle Feeding Your Baby? Yes! Here's How! by Melissa Hurt

2 years ago
Yoga While Nursing or Bottle Feeding Your Baby? Yes! Here's How!

In postnatal yoga, I often have moms opt out of the postural practice to feed her baby. I sense her frustration in not fully participating with the others, but wanting to nurture her baby. In these times, I offer meditation! Meditation is the perfect activity to do while feeding your baby to continue the integration of body, mind, breath and spirit. 

As long as Mom has an upright spine (no slouching – bring Baby to breast if nursing), feels her breath moving in and out, and focuses her awareness on the present moment, she is meditating! Here is a meditation moms can do while nursing or bottle feeding their babies:

  • Feel Baby in your arms and focus on your hands.
  • Gaze into Baby's eyes. Feel their warmth, feel Baby in them, feel your hands on your baby as the foreground against the background of your body.
  • Feel your heart, front and back with your awareness on your breath and Baby’s breath.
  • Feel your shoulders and the position of your arms holding Baby, but not having to grip. Soften the shoulders where you can.
  • Feel the pelvis connecting you down while supporting the upright alignment of the spine and Baby in your arms. Stay here for as long as you can.

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Melissa Hurt
Thank you! I love finding moments for yoga in daily life.

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