Want to Travel? 5 Benefits of Traveling Nationally or Abroad From World Traveler Lonnell Williams! by Alex Bryant

6 years ago

Want to Travel? 5 Benefits of Traveling Nationally or Abroad From World Traveler Lonnell Williams!

Are you considering traveling nationally or abroad? Here are five reasons from media influencer and world traveler Lonnell Williams why to go now!

  • The education: Textbooks, television, lectures, Internet, etc., are very useful tools to learn about specific destinations, but nothing is more impactful than actually being there.
  • Enrichment of your life: Seeing the world from a perspective outside the media lens of your home country does wonders for your mind, body and spirit.
  • Improves communication skills: Getting out of your comfort zone, travel (especially to destinations where your native language is not spoken) encourages your creativity as you find effective ways to communicate (smiling helps).
  • Teaches flexibility: When things don’t go as planned during travel, you must find ways to surrender from worry and focus on a corrective plan of action. This can be uncomfortable but provides invaluable life skills.
  • The memories: So often we invest in things instead of experiences. Travel memories will do more for your well-being than any of the material trinkets we're encouraged to value. There's a huge world out there … get out and see if for yourself.

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Donna John
So what's everyone's dream vacation?? When people ask me where I want to go, my answer is where DON'T I want to go. Italy was my dream vacation, and I was blessed to have spent 2 1/2 weeks there about three years ago. Funny, but even though I've been there, it's still on top of my list. Will go back. I would live there if I could talk my family into it. :-)
Lonnell Williams
I'm like you Donna John my answer is where DON'T I want to go. LOL. I plan to explore more of the African continent. I also want to visit New Caledonia.
Elisa Schmitz
How awesome! Couldn’t agree more, Lonnell Williams . I love traveling as much as I love being at home, LOL! But you have to explore the world while you can. I want to go to Australia and yes, Italy! Let’s go together, Donna John ! ❤️ Thanks for the great tip, Alex Bryant !
Mike Prochaska
Need to win the lottery to go but Australia for me
Alex Bryant
These tips are so needed so each of us can maximize on the experience through every location we visit. Here a few of my bucket list destinations: Dubai, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil and The Maldives.
Sheri B Doyle
These are great tips. I have grown so much from travel, especially in the flexibility and understanding department! Would love if you would share some of your travel experiences!

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