Spring Break Is Coming! What to Do? What to Do? Tribe, Help a Girl Out... by Holly Budde

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6 years ago

Spring Break Is Coming! What to Do? What to Do? Tribe, Help a Girl Out...

I honestly just noticed that spring break for the kids is two weeks away. Work and responsibilities haven't let me plan our usual spring-break trip this year. Since I love spring break because it is such an ideal time to recharge our batteries, I am disappointed nothing is planned. I would like to get away for a few days or maybe take a couple of day trips experiencing something new locally. I could use your help!

I know many of you have been really creative at times entertaining your kids on short notice. What is your favorite go-to idea to have fun and take some time off with your kids? No doubt my kids will appreciate you, too, as I am sure they don't want to sit home and hear mom tell them to pick up their mess all week.

Please comment below with any ideas you have or things you have done in the past. I promise I'll come back and share our experiences with you when spring break is over!

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Donna John
My first suggestion would be the rodeo. That's always fun. Another idea is to just get a hotel room. I'm sure your area has lots of neat ones - or The Woodlands? When you're at a nice hotel with great amenities, you won't care how close to home you are and you'll still get the in the vacation mindset (without all the travel costs). What about a day trip to Fiesta Texas? Kemah Boardwalk? We stayed at the Boardwalk Inn a couple years ago and it was nice. Huntsville State Park has lots to do. What about renting jet skis on Clear Lake? Austin is always fun. I could go on and on... :-)
Mike Prochaska
Sadly we have 3.5 weeks...
Mike Prochaska
Yep a hotel room with indoor pool , free hotel breakfast, free WiFi to let kids play on kindle fires before bed. Only time they get play on kindles is on vacation.
Elisa Schmitz
I loved San Antonio, Holly Budde ! Don't know how far that is for you, but it is fun. I agree with Donna John that Austin is another great choice. But if you want to get further away, what about New Orleans? Tampa? Dare I say it ... Orlando? All good choices. Of course, you're always invited to Chicago! But, our weather is pretty bad this time of year, so we're all about getting away, LOL! At the end of the day, it is true that no matter where you go, being in a hotel is a vacation in itself. Let someone else clean up for a few days! :-)
Mike Prochaska
We hoping it warm so we can go explore parks, otherwise we go in some other adventures. Lots of fun kiddo places around.
We will be visiting all of the local museums. Most are free and will keep us busy for hours. We also plan to attend the local parks to do some exploring. Some parks have scheduled activities and have some kind of learning center on site.

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