Enough! Let’s Talk About Stopping School Shootings Instead of How They Make Us Feel! by Stacey Roberts

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6 years ago

I’m tired – no, I’m mad as hell – of reading all the tips on how to deal with the emotions caused by these shootings. I’m tired of finding ways to keep our kids from being afraid to go to school. Or that our kids are being taught how to dive under desks or into closets when they hear gunfire.

As parents, for the most part, we keep our kids safe and we need to ensure our schools do, too. After all, our kids spend more time at school than they do with us. When they are safer going to a movie or getting on an airplane it’s time we take action.

I don’t feel arming teachers is a good idea, but there needs to be armed personnel guarding every entrance at every school as well as the sports fields. Let’s give veterans, who are trained to take out a perpetrator without giving it a second thought, this job. The knowledge that our schools are being guarded like this would most likely defer any attack to begin with. Put some metal detectors in for added security, as well.

Beyond that, I suggest you watch the meeting President Trump hosted at the White House. So many great ideas were exchanged, civilly. 

What do you think?

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Mike Prochaska
Wow really u want to put armed gaurds outside the school? I know for sure I don’t want teachers with guns! They already have their arms full
Stacey Roberts
I’d rather have armed guards willing to shoot a psycho than an armed psycho trying to shoot our kids! And totally agree, teachers don’t need that responsibility.
Stacey Roberts
www.nytimes.com/1993/09/19/us/... Shooters don’t always go into the schools. A good friend’s son was one of the kids shot. He was hit in the femor and a guy I was dating who’s son was climbing over the fence and looked back to see the shooter shoot himself.
I think the biggest issue no one is discussing, and that should be discussed by both Democrats, Republicans, and all parties, is the media's role in every mass shooting.

The media insists on publishing the names and personal information of these killers, even though criminologists and studies have proven this to be a bad idea, because:

1. It encourages competition among killers; the next one wants to kill more than the last one.

2. It encourages copycats.

3. Many of these killers crave the "fame" or recognition.

4. Many killers state they admire a mass shooter after seeing him on the news.

There are many more reasons; the takeaway is, we need to put pressure on the media to stop contributing to this cultural phenomenon.

In the 1970s, a similar cultural phenomenon occurred when the media published on every serial killer relentlessly until they finally realized it was causing more harm than good. Of course there are still serial killers out there, but they don't follow them around like rock stars any longer, reporting on every detail.

Please put pressure on your congressmen and your media outlets to stop publishing these killers' names and personal information .

Stacey Roberts
This is such a great point you make, but the media knows the public is driven by sensationalism and it’s all about ratings. Can’t say I agree that writing a congressman will do any good, when has it? When you only work 3 days a month you don’t get much done! You would most likely make more progress going after media companies straight on. Thanks again for your comment.
Keith Sereduck
I think an armed guard or an officer at every school is a great idea. Don't think that teachers HAVE to be armed but it should be their choice. I also think school that teach A.L.I.C.E. and other ways of kids and teachers fighting back during attacks is a step forward. But nothing will really work without parents being more involved I their kids lives.
Stacey Roberts
I never thought of teachers making a personal choice to carry. Whatever, the more guns in good guy’s hands the better!

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