Moving? Here's How & Why to Get Connected at Your Local Library! by Tiffany Zook

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6 years ago

Moving? Here's How & Why to Get Connected at Your Local Library!

My husband’s job keeps us on the move. As a stay-at-home mother, I am compelled to throw down roots when the moving van pulls into our next stop on the map. The very first thing we find is the best take-out, and head straight for the public library. Here are the perks: 

  • Free Internet: When moving to a new house, it may take several days for cable and Internet hook up. The library computers can help you connect with friends to let them know you are knee deep in boxes, but home sweet home.
  • Children’s Programs: Moving with kids is hard enough, but the library has many programs such as story hour, kid’s crafts and toddler time. The shelves are stacked with children’s books, puzzles and movies to loan. These new additions will entertain your little ones while you unpack.
  • Make New Friends: The library is a great place to meet your neighbors. I met several other stay-at-home moms and dads taking our daughter to story time. While she had fun listening to picture books, I was collecting phone numbers for play dates and coffee breaks. 

The library public is our Plymouth Rock, our first step, our link to new friendships (and new novels). On your next move I hope you get connected there, too.

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Elisa Schmitz
YES! I love the local library. It's a hidden gem in our town. Great idea to use this as a launchpad the next time you move. Thanks for the great tip, Tiffany Zook !
Marge Jesberger
So true and a library card costs you nothing!

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