Could Your Family Go a Month Without Eating Out? Mine Did! by Ann Marie Patitucci

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6 years ago

Could Your Family Go a Month Without Eating Out? Mine Did!

At the beginning of January, I joined a social media group called No Spend January, inspired by the overspending of the holidays and blogs dedicated to such challenges. Some members of our group took “no spend” seriously, opting to spend money only on necessities, while others, like me, took on a "no eating out" challenge. 

To be honest, I wasn’t sure my family would succeed. My husband and I both work full time, I have a commute and both of our boys play basketball, causing us to scramble some nights to figure out dinner. We often eat out in order to make things easier. But we were committed to making it work. We were hoping to save money and eat healthier, too (and prove to ourselves that we could do it!). And we did! 

We saved money, ate better and experimented with new recipes. What helped us the most was meal planning. We went grocery shopping on the weekends, planned our meals for the week and got a jump start on school lunch snacks. I even got some Bento boxes for myself so I was less tempted to eat out at work. After a while it felt like a competition to see if we could actually stick to it, which made it fun! 

Do you think you could go a month without eating out?

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Elisa Schmitz
This is so impressive, Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead ! Way to go. I'm not sure we could do it, because of all of our travel, but I would like to try for at least a couple of weeks at a time. What a wonderful way to eat healthier and save money!
Spell-It-Out Photos
At first thought, it sounds easy, then I think of all the times I grab a coffee on the run. So yes I could see where it would be challenging.
Ann Marie Patitucci
Full disclosure: I did not include coffee/tea runs- just food. 😊
Spell-It-Out Photos
Okay then maybe I could do it!!
Kristan Wager
I think that this would be hard-and I am a meal planner! We enjoy our local Mexican restaurant too much!
Ann Marie Patitucci
It’s not easy but it can be done- my family is proof! :)
Tiffany Zook
Last night we ordered wings, and on the way to pick them up, I saw my favorite food truck. Needless to say, I'm ready for this challenge Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead ...
Ann Marie Patitucci
Ha! This is a tough challenge for both of us, Tiffany Zook
Katie Sloan
Inspiring!!! We are just starting this. My hubby prepped meals this weekend and it’s been a breeze for dinners. He even prepped his lunch for work. We will track March and see how we do.
Marjorie A. Carter
Yes, we have done this for years. Going back when our children were young we always did this. The only time we ate out of the house was when we were invited to a party and that was rare. You see I have always cooked from scratch and love to cook.

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