Why I Wrote Pink a Letter & Sent It to the Grammy® Awards With a 30Seconds Contributor by Gina Pomering

Why I Wrote Pink a Letter & Sent It to the Grammy® Awards With a 30Seconds Contributor

My friend Morgan won a trip to the Grammy® Awards. I was excited for her and also excited that Pink would be there. Pink’s song “What About Us” spoke my thoughts every time I shared my son’s story with a doctor, teacher or politician. My son has PANDAS/Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Strep, or PANS. “What about Us” echoes our plight:

  • We are problems that want to be solved. There’s no cure.
  • We are children that need to be loved. PANS/PANDAS affects one out of 200 kids.
  • What about all the times you said you had the answers? Kids are misdiagnosed with OCD, Bipolar and more.
  • What about all the broken happy ever afters? What about all the plans that ended in disaster? Kids have nightmares and delusions. Parents quit jobs, go bankrupt, lose homes.

As concerned parents we formed a nonprofit, PANS Research and Advocacy Initiative. Would Pink let us use her song as our anthem? My heart went into my note. I delivered it to my friend in a pink envelope. She carried my heart with her to the Grammy® Awards.

My note may not have gotten to Pink, but my heart made it to the Grammys. I’m forever grateful to Morgan for her act of friendship, and to Pink, too, for her song.

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Morgan Hawthorne
Love you, girlfriend!!!💗
Gina Pomering
Love you too! Thanks everyone for the help! Such an awesome experience!
Gina Pomering
Thanks darlin! U r the best!
Elisa Schmitz
This is such a beautiful story of friendship, and of making a difference. Thank you for all you do, Gina Pomering . And thank you, Morgan Hawthorne , for carrying this letter all the way and back. Truly wonderful. P!nk is amazing and as a mom, I'm sure she will be moved by this. Praying she sees it! xoxo
Gina Pomering
Thank you so much Elisa All Schmitz! We have had a few folks share it on Ellen ‘s page as well so we shall see! Either way so glad to put it out in the universe!
Stacey Roberts
I love Pink’s transparency! No facades, she just puts it out and I’ve seen her connect with her fans in a way that is so real. So I hope she get it too, because chances are if she does she’ll take it to (Pink) heart!
My favorite Pink moment
Jen Imbaro
Pink is such an inspiring role model. I hope she gets your note!
Gina Pomering
Thank y’all for your support and encouragement. I hope @P!nk sees it too but I am thrilled so many have. Awareness is always my #1 goal and I KNOW it is working. I just got a note from our pediatrician, who is amazing and she said that she is finding high strep and mycoplasma antibodies in her kids w ADHD and Anxiety that are not responding to her medical treatments. So she started treating them for PANDAS and they are improving by leaps n bounds! She is going to teach the rest of her practice all about what PRAI has taught her!

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