Being a Mom Is Hard: How & Why to Give Yourself a Break From Motherhood! by Dr. Christina Hibbert

3 years ago
Being a Mom Is Hard: How & Why to Give Yourself a Break From Motherhood!

After a very rough December and start of January, I was beat. Exhausted, burned out, stressed, not sleeping, no energy, you know the drill. So as soon as all my kids were all finally back to school and college, and doing seemingly well, I packed my bags and within an hour was out the door, by myself, headed to California.

To do what, you ask? I slept way more than I’d dreamed I needed, rested, sat on the beach and watched the waves, read, watched Netflix, napped and ate delicious take out. Nobody to care for. No work. No emails or social media, or anything, for one much-needed week. And it healed me. I'm feeling whole again, all because I made myself get away. I always fight the need to go away, but it’s when I’m fighting that I know I need it most.

Why is it so hard for us to give ourselves a break? To nourish and love ourselves in whatever ways we each so desperately need? Motherhood is the absolute hardest job, and it just seems to get emotionally harder as they grow. So we moms need to give ourselves a break. A few moments, hours, days that are our own can work magic in the spirit, mind, body, heart and soul. I recommend it highly and regularly.

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Genius, Dr. Christina Hibbert . Next time, I want to go with you! 💗
Mike Prochaska
parenting is hard! The days are long but the years are short! Enjoy it
Meredith Schneider
Love this Dr. Christina Hibbert ! It’s too easy to lose ourselves in taking care of everyone else’s needs. After I hit rock bottom 6 yrs ago I made myself a promise I would never put myself on the back burner ever again and take care of my spirit, mind and body guilt free. xoxo xoxo 😘 💪

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