"The Memorial Box" Will Have You Collecting Meaningful Family Memories in a Tangible Way by Tiffany Zook

"The Memorial Box" Will Have You Collecting Meaningful Family Memories in a Tangible Way

Wouldn’t it be great to capture every moment God has moved mountains on your behalf? Or every time He provided for you in time of need? Linny Saunders shares how she, and her large adoptive family, hold on to these memories in a very tangible way. 

In her book, "The Memorial Box," Linny illustrates how she collects small trinkets that symbolize God’s provision and faithfulness. She places them in a wooden box with a screen door. Each time God protected or surprised them, the Saunders family finds a knickknack to place in the box. This collection serves as a visual reminder each day to fear not, God’s everlasting love is astounding! 

The book is packed with personal accounts, like the time Linny and her husband, Dwight, moved a 70,000-book library across country. Linny’s stories of international adoptions, a disastrous house fire and a beloved rooster named Ezra will have you feeling like one of the Saunders family members. 

After reading "The Memorial Box," I am inspired to create a family keepsake box of our own, to help remember the many times God has worked in our lives in mighty ways. What would you place in your memorial box?

Photo: "We r a large adoptive family (9 kids still at home). 22 of 30 (so far) of us were able to gather at our home. Grateful always for God's astounding faithfulness." – Linny Saunders via Twitter

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Beautiful, Tiffany Zook ! So inspired to do this, thank you! 🙏
Marge Jesberger
My husbands cancer bracelet,I wore until he got well
This book is amazing 😉
Ann Marie G.H. Patitucci
This is beautiful, Tiffany Zook ! Thanks for sharing!

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