New Parents: Here's a Fun Way to Thank Friends & Family for Those Ready-Made Meals by Marge Jesberger

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5 years ago

New Parents: Here's a Fun Way to Thank Friends & Family for Those Ready-Made Meals

My daughter and her family got so many ready-made meals from family and friends before the baby was born. All they had to do was pop them out of the freezer for a quick and easy meal once the baby arrived. She wanted me to write a poem to thank everyone for their thoughtfulness. Then we made copies and glued them onto colorful paper and included one in each casserole dish that was returned. Here is the poem. Feel free to copy it or maybe you will be inspired to write one of your own.

Nothing says lovin,
Like something from the oven.

Since you prepared the salads, soups and meat
We just had to heat, take a seat and eat.

Because of your delicious food
Our family is in a much better mood.

Since you spent time to mix and bake
Mom and Dad could take a break.

So a big thank you to those who cook,
Now you can put away your recipe book.

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Donna John
Absolutely love this, Marge Jesberger ! What a fun and thoughtful way to say thank you. This could also work when you get meals during an illness. Really cute idea!
Elisa Schmitz
How wonderful, Marge Jesberger ! Love this creative and thoughtful idea! 💗
Tiffany Zook
Love it! Great idea to thank your tribe.
Ann Marie Patitucci
Oh, Marge Jesberger , I just love this poem! New parents don't have much time to write thank you cards but they could easily send this poem via social media or email- just perfect! Thank you for sharing it with us. So creative!

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