Kids & Dance: Choreographer Tia Rivera Has 6 Methods to Keep Them Dancing! by Alex Bryant

2 years ago
Kids & Dance: Choreographer Tia Rivera Has 6 Methods to Keep Them Dancing!

Do your kids like to dance? Choreographer Tia Rivera encourages these six methods to get your kids dancing:

  1. Do proper research on dance studios in your area. You want to make sure you are enrolling your child into a school that it is offering proper training and etiquette for your child to maximize their potential. 
  2. A lot of schools offer scholarships. Look into how your child can potentially qualify for a dance scholarship. This can be a big financial help for getting your child through dance school. 
  3. Enroll kids into a dance school or weekly dance classes where they can grow and learn the art form. 
  4. Bring them to a weekend dance convention where they can participate and learn multiple dance styles from a diverse group of choreographers. 
  5. A weekend of dance with tons of other kids who are just as excited to learn dance is always a good idea. It gives your child the ability to connect with kids their age and get a feel for what dance style they enjoy most. 
  6. Indulge in watching dance tutorial videos with your children on YouTube. Let them work on what they learned and showcase to you their favorite routine. It's the perfect way to make them feel like the superstar that they are.

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
How great is this? My kids danced for a couple of years. So fun for them. Thanks for this interview, Alex Bryant !

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