Anti Valentine's Day? 5 Reasons Why More People Are Saying "No Way" to Valentine’s Day by Dr. Sanam Hafeez

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6 years ago

Anti Valentine's Day? 5 Reasons Why More People Are Saying "No Way" to Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re in a couple or rolling solo, Valentine’s Day comes with expectation and pressure. With #CoupleGoals as a consistently trending hashtag, countless pictures of couples on social media, the obsession of celebrity breakups and make ups and TV shows like the Bachelor and Bachelorette serving up contrived romance sprinkled with drama, the way we think of love and romance has changed. Here's why so many people say "no way" to Valentine’s Day and offers some alternatives that shift this negative mindset:

  • "Valentine’s Day is a 'Hallmark Holiday' and I’m still broke from Christmas." When money is tight many people may want to cut back on spending especially for things they feel are frivolous. Financial stress is a common thing and when people are made to feel pressured to spend, they get resentful and want to claim their power. Instead of boycotting all romance, put a $20 maximum on gifts and you’ll see how sweet, thoughtful and creative you can get.
  • "Every restaurant is crowded and the service is terrible.” Nothing kills romance faster than crowds and a bad experience dining out. Since everyone goes out to eat on Valentine’s Day there will be a lapse in service. One way for couples to celebrate is to call their favorite restaurant in advance and have a meal prepared they can pick up and heat up at home. You can either break out the fancy dishes and dress up or you can put on sweats and eat while watching a movie, the important thing is that you enjoy yourselves and aren’t stressed.
  • “We’ve been together for ages. Every day is Valentine’s Day! Do we really need to celebrate?” Celebrations and traditions are important in a relationship and when they fall away it’s usually a sign of trouble and disconnection. While you may not feel the need to do anything extravagant use the day to appreciate the love you have and life you’ve created, even if it’s in a small way.
  • “I’m single so what’s the point?” Rolling solo on Valentine’s Day again, all the more reason to turn it into a Self Love Day. Being single on Valentine’s Day can be tough for people, especially those still healing from a break up or divorce. You want to really be kind and caring to yourself. Booking a massage, getting a haircut, or arranging a single ladies night with your single friends could be just what’s needed. Focus on creating your own happiness.
  • “I’m just too busy for love and romance and all that stuff.” Some people are just focused on other things that are top priority in their lives. There are plenty of women who are turned on more by generating income for their businesses than concerning themselves with outside approval or validation. There has been a rise in female entrepreneurship with more Millenials and Gen X’ers preferring to build empires than romantic relationships. For them it’s just February 14th, the mid way point to a short month. There’s nothing wrong with women wanting to focus on their professional lives. They often feel to focus on business, romance, which may cause them to lose focus, has to be shelved for a while, this is more common these days.

While many say "no way" to Valentine’s Day there are millions saying, "I Do!" According to a 2017 survey of 1000 people done by James Allen, an online diamond and bridal jewelry retailer, 43 percent of Millennials say Valentine’s Day is their top pick for proposal day. November through February is considered proposal season. 

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