Ladies, We Can't Turn Back Time: 11 Ways for Us Women to Encourage & Celebrate Ourselves As We Age by Raquel Masco

3 years ago

One of the most used phrases in today's world is “anti-aging.” No matter how many products we use, if we are still breathing as years pass, we are aging. How can we do that and still feel vital and important? Here are 11 tips that I found helpful:

  • Start tuning out the negative talk and jokes about aging.
  • Start talking about all the great things that come with age and experience.
  • Remember all those youthful doubts and insecurities and appreciate your “grown” self.
  • Have fun! Try new things. Take that class. Join that club.
  • Look in the mirror and appreciate yourself. No beating yourself up about laugh lines.
  • Let your ears hear your mouth speak well about you. “I love my eyes – fine lines and all.”
  • Spend time with women who are positive about aging.
  • Stay healthy inside.
  • Go see and support movies with women actors who are older than 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80… You get the idea.
  • Be grateful and say it. Express gratitude for where you are right now.
  • Be active in your community. Serve. You don’t have to be in your teens or 20s to make a difference.

Happy aging! This video from Netflix’s “Grace and Frankie” is longer than 30 seconds, but we think it's worth it. 

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Elisa A. Schmitz 30Seconds
Wonderful tip, Raquel Masco ! Totally relate, and appreciate your positive perspective. The video is awesome, too! xoxo
This is a beautiful post 💗

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