​Tip Teasers: Consider This Our Writer’s Challenge to the Tribe! by Donna John

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18 days ago
​Tip Teasers: Consider This Our Writer’s Challenge to the Tribe!

The tribe vibe really shines through all the great tips submitted every day. Your passion for the topics you write about is evident – and inspires even beyond the tribe. Continue to write about those things, but consider stepping outside of the box and tackling new topics and categories. To help get those creative juices flowing and kick the sides out of that box, we’ll start sharing weekly tip teasers. We cannot wait to see your unique spin on these topics! And remember, the Photo Challenge is another great way to fire up creative thought. Just send me an email at donna@30seconds.com and let me know that you want a photo. You’ll get one in your inbox and then write a tip based on the photo. Fun, huh? Now on to the tip teasers…

  • Halloween: This spooky day is right around the corner! We want you to share your best Halloween tricks, tips, treats, costume ideas, hacks, decorating ideas, recipes – anything! Snap some photos of your Halloween decorations and tell us how you turned your home into the spookiest house on the block. Make an incredible DIY Halloween costume? We want to see it! Can you turn a box cake mix into a ghoulish delight? Show us! (Send photos to donna@30Seconds.com.) 
  • Fall Decorating: Think beyond Halloween. How do you decorate your home to celebrate the season? Do you have a unique way to turn pine cones into art? Can you make a mean fall wreath? Does your autumn tablescape make Martha jealous? Have a fun way to use pumpkins around the house? Do you have a favorite candle that fills your home with the scent of fall? Share your decorating ideas and don't forget to send photos.
  • Your Person: Who inspires you? Who’s THAT person for you that you look up to and motivates you to be a better person? Tell us about him or her. (Be sure to include a horizontal photo!)
  • Beauty: The 30Seconds tribe is beautiful! Don’t keep those beauty tips to yourself! Share your daily beauty regimen, favorite products, tips to make your skin glow and your hair shine, DIY concoctions, makeup tips, etc. And don’t forget those fall fashion tips!

Now sit down at that computer and start writing! Know someone who would enjoy writing for 30Seconds? Tell them to sign up today or, if they're already a member, to submit their first tip!

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Meredith Schneider
Oh the challenge is on! 4 days left in January.
Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead
Such great ideas! I just edited a wonderful Valentine's Day tip from a new contributor that's coming your way, Donna John ! This tribe of writers is amazing!
Kristan Wager
Working on a couple as we type!
Heather Holter
What channel/category would we post the happiness and control ones?
Donna John
I would say mindfulness, but after reading it I will pick the appropriate category.
Sheri B Doyle
I can't wait to see all of the great tips and stories!
Terri Jones
Great ideas! I just decorated my table for a fall party!

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