#30Seconds Live: Chef Kirsten Helle's Mesa de Vida Flavorful Sauces Bring More Life to Your Table! by Chef Gigi

#30Seconds Live
6 years ago

Parents, we all know those crazy hours between 4 and 8 p.m., right? You get home with little time to prepare a delicious, healthy meal so fast food creeps in more often than you care to admit. Or you have creativity elsewhere, but the kitchen just isn’t one of them. Or you’re simply bored of the same old thing every single night.

Sound familiar? Well, Chef Kirsten Helle, creator of Mesa De Vita, is here to help! Mesa de Vida can bring more life to your table, nourish your family, reduce your stress, save you time and money on your food budget. Each sauce contains at least 15 different ingredients that you don't have to shop for or chop. You can use Mesa de Vida healthy cooking sauces as a recipe starter, simmer and slow-cooker sauce!

Get 10 percent off and FREE shipping on your first order! Learn more at MesaDeVida.com. This video is longer than 30 seconds, but we think it's worth it. 

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Donna John
I cannot wait to try these! Yum! I absolutely love sauces. Which one was your favorite, Chef Gigi Gaggero ?
Chef Gigi
Thats a tough one. They were all so delicious. I loved the Harissa because those are flavors I don't always have on hand and if you are not use-to that type of cooking- it could really throw you. Parents don't have time to do this type of work in the kitchen. This is why I'm in love with her line. She has done the work for us and she is responsible with flavor profiles and not loading us down with artificial ingredients. Her product hands down saves time and money! The Latin was deviously smokey, and the Caribbean added delicious surprise of JERK that is such a treat. I usually don't indulge in the Creole, but I definitely would bring hers to the table. Enjoy!
Donna John
Good to know. Harissa was actually the one that caught my eye. Going to have to order some. Thanks, Chef Gigi Gaggero !
Elisa Schmitz
I need these sauces, my goodness! Looks amazing. Great interview, Chef Gigi Gaggero , thank you! xoxo
Chef Gigi
Welcome- Great find!
Meredith Schneider
Awesome interview Chef Gigi Gaggero ! Thanks for sharing this with us. They all look and sound amazing. I just might have to treat myself to the gift pack. Mmmmm!
Chef Gigi
I think I am going to as well! I can eat her products while in KETO! Wahooooo! Also whole 30 AND Paleo friendly!

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