Women March 2018: Marching for Her Future & Americans of Every Color, Age & Shape by Nancy Dafoe

Women March 2018: Marching for Her Future & Americans of Every Color, Age & Shape

As our Women March proceeded, I glanced up to see a girl leaning out her second-floor window. She looked shy but curious. In that moment, I saw through her young eyes instead of my own weary, cynical ones. This was a protest by Americans of all shapes and colors, all genders, aged and young, but I was losing hope. The little girl in the window did not have anyone standing beside her. But the future is hers as much as it belongs to protesters and the powers in Washington, D.C.

She wondered what to make of the commotion, the banners, signs and slogans on T-shirts and hats. She sees or hears some fragment of the news every day: Trump administration threats, boastful, untrue statements filtering down. Things are as they are, she learns. But here in the streets are powerful voices of those who feel unheeded. Here in the street are white and black women locking arms, some quiet, some chanting, “This is what democracy looks like!”

As we passed by her window, the curtain moved, and the child inched further out. Securing herself, she waved at me. “We are here for you,” I said. “We are marching for you and your future.” Whatever comes next, I made the right decision to go to Seneca Falls, N.Y.

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Elisa Schmitz
This is so awesome! I love how you wrote this slice of your experience, Nancy Dafoe - so very powerful. Thank you for marching, and for sharing!! xoxo
Nancy Dafoe
Thanks, Elisa. You are such a powerful force for positivity in the world.

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