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Get Fit With Fitness Pro Meredith Schneider & Join Her 7 Day #30Seconds Fitness Challenge! by Donna John

6 years ago
Get Fit With Fitness Pro Meredith Schneider & Join Her 7 Day #30Seconds Fitness Challenge!

Have trouble carving out time for fitness? And when you do, how often do “things” come up and you can’t workout? We were thrilled to welcome our very own #30Seconds contributor and fitness expert Meredith Schneider as our #30Seconds Twitter chat guest! Meredith shared all the little ways during the day you can live a healthier, more fit life – and she  announced a 7 Day #30Seconds Fitness Challenge that you can easily join and win incentive prizes! 

Meredith is a busy mom of four who, after having her fourth baby, hit rock bottom and began her health and fitness journey to not only get her body back after babies, but to find herself again, have more energy and be happy with herself inside and out. She has lost and kept off 50 pounds and over 40 inches! While on her journey she got lots of questions and compliments. She then found herself happily helping and coaching others wanting to start their health and fitness journeys. That led her to start Get Fit With Meredith six years ago and help fellow friends and moms every step of the way not feel alone on their journeys. Let’s get fit with Meredith!

Q: How do we not let "things" get in the way of our workouts?

Schedule your workouts “you time” on your calendar. Tell your family about your schedule and explain why it's important to your health you have this time to take care of YOU. Don't make excuses and talk yourself out of exercising. Positive self-talk is crucial. Remind yourself how amazing you felt after your last workout and motivate YOU to not give up.

Q: I'm stuck behind a desk at work all day, how can I get my body moving more?

Each day park further away from the building, walk to lunch, walk to a coworker’s desk with questions instead of calling on the phone. Improve posture and core strength. Get out of that sedentary position of sitting in your chair, treat yourself and swap out that uncomfortable chair for a yoga ball. Get your blood flowing, grab your sneakers, walk laps around the building or walk as many flights of stairs as you can. Take brainstorming meetings to a new level, recruit co-workers to join you moving more at the office and hold each other accountable.

Q: I'm home with my kids and feel it's impossible to carve out time for myself? Who can relate to this?!

I was there. Two out of four kids were home and I carved out time that worked best for me. Sometimes in the morning, afternoon with and/or without kids. Incorporate exercise moves around the house, walking lunges and squats are great for a twist on picking up Shop-kins and LOL Dolls. Engage your core while emptying dishwasher, unpacking groceries and folding laundry. Pull bellybutton in, imagine you’re a doll with a pull string and keep your abs tight. Get creative, do what works for you. There is no right or wrong way to carve out time for yourself. Just make it a priority!

Q: How do I not let food be a stress reliever?

First, identify your triggers that lead you to want to eat while stressed. Second, let exercise, yoga, running, deep breathing, whatever works for you, be your stress reliever. Third, be patient with yourself. One day, one workout and one healthy meal at time. Fourth, support is key. Surround yourself with others who lift you up, inspire, motivate and will love on you even on your darkest days.

Q: What is the secret to achieving my fitness and nutrition goals?

There is no secret. Being consistent in these four key areas have helped me over the past six years lose and maintain 50 poudnds are:

  • Exercise: Adding a consistent and fun exercise routine that I put on my calendar each week.
  • Nutrition: Don't diet, make healthier choices, shop with a list and stay out of the isles in store. That's not where the fresh food is!
  • Rest: Plenty of rest is keep, take a nap when you need to and get a good night sleep.
  • Hydration: I have more energy, less bloat, clearer skin, boosts metabolism.

My rule of thumb for achieving fitness and nutrition goals is 70 percent nutrition, 20 percent fitness and 10 percent rest!

Q: How do I keep making healthy eating and exercise not feel like a chore?

  • Keep it SIMPLE! Don’t let leading a healthy lifestyle stress you out! Here’s a four-step plan:
  • Having a strong WHY is huge! Ask yourself what is your WHY and write it down.
  • Make realistic goals. Get started. Take it one day at a time AND most importantly have fun!
  • Invite your friends to join you. Who wouldn't want their friends to feel amazing inside and out?!
  • Accountability with no guesswork relives A LOT of stress. As a personal wellness coach, I love providing that support.

Q: Who is ready for a fun 7 Day #30Seconds Fitness Challenge with Meredith? RT if you are IN! Meredith, tell us how the 7 Day #30Seconds Fitness Challenge works. I hear that it will be fun and that there will be prizes!

Each day a new exercise will be posted on the same #30Seconds tip with a “how to” description with photo. No matter your goals, with consistency each #30Seconds Fitness Challenge move will help tone, tighten and strengthen your body. Incorporate these moves during your busy day or add to your existing workout routine. You are stronger than you think! I want to see your 30Seconds moves! Feel free to get creative. Grab your phone, snap a picture of yourself doing your exercise and post below that 30Seconds move of the day. Everyone who participates will get a prize and there will be a grand prize drawing on Facebook LIVE.  Sign up!

Be sure to follow  @merber38like her on Facebook and read her 30Seconds tips!

Donna John
Looking good, my beautiful friend! Cannot wait to learn some fitness tips from you Wednesday and learn more about this challenge. Count me in!
Nicole DeAvilla
I can't wait to see what you have in mind for us for a #30Seconds Fitness Challenge! It's amazing what all you do as a mom of 4.
Elisa Schmitz
Yaaass! So looking forward to this chat and your great challenge for us. I’m in, chica. Thank you for inspiring us!! 👍💪💕
Meredith Schneider
Woohoo! SO excited for tomorrow! Let's blow up Twitter with our awesome #30Seconds tribe and lets get FIT together!
Stephanie Cannoe
I love a good fitness challenge! 💓
Meredith Schneider
Oh Stephanie Cannoe, me too! Especially when you surround yourself with the awesome #30Seconds crowd. :) We will motivate and inspire each other to not give up and take care of ourselves guilt free. xoxo
Meredith Schneider
Yay Toni B ! See you in the Twitter stream! Let's trend tonight! xo
Holly Budde
WooHoo!! Can't wait for this chat. Meredith Schneider Is such an inspiration and always has been. Go Gp Go 😘
Meredith Schneider
Love ya Holly Budde! #GoGoGo #NoExcuses😘💪

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