Ai-jen Poo of the National Domestic Workers Alliance: Meet Meryl Streep’s "Plus One" at the Golden Globe Awards by 30Seconds Mom

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Ai-jen Poo of the National Domestic Workers Alliance: Meet Meryl Streep’s "Plus One" at the Golden Globe Awards

Ai-jen Poo, the executive director for the National Domestic Workers Alliance and Meryl Streep’s plus-one at the Golden Globes, shares her story in an exclusive new essay for In the piece, she underscores the importance of her work as an activist organizing and advocating for America’s domestic workers – from nannies to housekeepers to home-care workers.

She also shares her surreal experience on Sunday at the Golden Globes, wearing a black floor-length gown, being made up by Meryl’s hair and makeup artist, and taking a shot of vodka with Meryl for courage before stepping onto a red carpet lined by cameras and flashing lights. As she writes…

"Sunday night I went to the Golden Globes. As Meryl Streep’s date.

I had not personally met Meryl Streep before I checked my voicemail and heard her soft voice, familiar from so many of my favorite films, introducing herself. There she was, asking to discuss the possibility of attending the Golden Globes together. Yes, Ms. Streep, we can definitely discuss that…

And so I became Meryl Streep’s "plus one" at the Golden Globes. When I walked into Meryl's hotel room for our first meeting, the kettle was boiling. Over a cup of chamomile tea, we sat together and talked about how best to honor survivors and share the stories of domestic workers the following night. She also asked her long-time hair and makeup artist, Roy Helland, to come and meet me to go over what I would need to get ready for the event.

On the night of the awards, after taking a shot of vodka for courage, we stood shoulder-to-shoulder in front of countless cameras, shared our message with the media, and cheered others on who were doing the same. Because I was not the only activist brought as a guest: there was Tarana Burke, creator of the #MeToo movement, who came with Michelle Williams; Mónica Ramírez, co-founder of Alianza Nacional de Campesinas (the National Farmworker Women’s Alliance), who attended alongside Laura Dern; and Saru Jayaraman, co-founder of Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, who arrived with Amy Poehler — to name a few…

On Sunday night, the fight against sexual violence expanded. The focus shifted away from the abusers to the survivors and the solidarity among women across industries, across economic strata, and across communities. The exchange between us helped us understand how we could create not only a moment, but a movement with space and a role for every woman, where every survivor could feel supported."

You can read Ai-jen Poo’s full piece via Cosmopolitan.

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