Micro-Dates With Kids: How to Build Strong Bonds With Weekly Together Time! by DoingGoodTogether

6 years ago

Micro-Dates With Kids: How to Build Strong Bonds With Weekly Together Time!

Search your weekly schedule for a natural opportunity to carve out regular micro-dates. I experimented with micro-dates last fall, and with all three of my children, I discovered that one-on-one time is exponentially rewarding. When we make time to deepen relationships with our children, we all feel more centered and joyful, every time.

Reliable time alone together gives your child the opportunity to ask big questions or unburden themselves of nagging worries. My daughter would often save up things she wanted to talk about for our weekly date. Don't stress about planning an expensive, glamorous outing. Build time into your schedule naturally. For example: 

  • Make use of in-between time. Instead of running home during one child's practice, head to the library or to a local park.
  • Make the most of errands. Add a sense of camaraderie, take away the gadgets and almost any outing can be enjoyable.
  • DJ your drive time. Turn up the tunes and sing along together!

Whatever you do, make an effort to "notice" out loud and often, how much you enjoy your regular date. Everyone wants to feel valued.

Discover more tips to build strong bonds via DoingGoodTogether.org.

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Elisa Schmitz
Totally agree, Sarah Aadland DoingGoodTogether ! One-on-one time is so important for kids who have siblings. I still do this with my teenagers and it helps us stay connected.
Mike Prochaska
Why you call it dates?
Yes, Elisa All Schmitz 30Seconds it's even more necessary when kids are older. And GREAT question Mike Prochaska I find that calling them "dates" reminds me to stay present and focused. No phones, no multitasking. My daughters like to call them micro-dates too because that implies some out-of-the-ordinary option. Some days we stop in at a thrift store and poke around at odds and ends. Some days we get ingredients for our favorite dessert. Above all, we are spending a mindful half-hour to an hour together above and beyond our normal family time. It's a habit that has really made a difference for us in the last few months.
Mike Prochaska
Yes ok call them dates lol. Cant agree more with this comment. I get why you call them dates. And I now agree with you 110 percent
We have to spend some times even weekly with our children and make them happy. I have two and spend a lot with them.

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